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About Nysi
Nysi Kilgore is an entrepreneur and founder of two companies: Rooted Anchor and Compassion in Crisis in Atlanta, Georgia. She is blazing bright trails for generations to follow. Born on the fast track to success, Nysi graduated high school as valedictorian and the youngest ever to graduate from her private Christian school. Licensed and ordained as a minister of the Gospel at only 16 years old, Nysi wrote her first book while she was still a teenager. She holds a Bachelor of Art in psychology from Lee University 
(Cum Laude) and a Master of Science in Marriage and Family Studies from Lee University. The remarkable thing is Nysi accomplished all of this as a teenager and is only 22 years old. She is determined, ambitious, and capable of doing all that she sets her mind to—through the help of God. Today Nysi is a sought-after speaker, author, and Family Life Educator known internationally for her pure heart, her love for God, and her genuine compassion for people. Nysi specializes in staff and personal development training in areas such as parenting, racial reconciliation, diversity, and more. Nysi is also passionate about teaching youth and young adults to be honest with their feelings and emotions, preparing them for life transitions, and encouraging them to adopt a life-long love for the nature of God and having a relationship with Him. Nysi is available to speak at conferences, services, bible studies, chapel services, graduations, club meetings, workshops, trainings, special events for schools, youth groups, young adults, college students, churches, and ministries.