The God Is Movement is based on the book, 'God Is: Lessons I Learned About God in College'. We all go through different trials and transitions that are often times outside of the plans we have for our own lives. These trials can cause us to question who God is, what he desires for us, and if he is present. The God Is Movement encourages believers to take a step back while in the struggle to view things from a different perspective; what is God trying to teach me in this moment about who he is? Through every trial, every struggle, and every lesson, we have the chance to learn something new about who God is. And with these new understanding, we have the opportunity to help tell the story of who God is. They're our experiences, our words, but His story. We're making God famous, one story at a time.


Post your 30-second video explaining who God is to you! Help us tell His story!

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